Taha Yusuf has dedicated his entire life to IT and technology. He built his first PC at the age of 13 years old. Taha wrote his first software at the age of 14 years old in Visual Basic 6 for windows 98 Sp2.

A passionate and dedicated individual. Taha has worked in system admin/IT support for Fujitsu IT services UK and Juniper Network in Germany Munich.

He has worked as contractor, freelance consultant and developer. He has also developed iOS apps in PhoneGap(Apache Cardova).

Taha Yusuf holds a BSc(Hons) in Computer Science from University of Greenwich in London. He also holds a Higher National Diploma in computing from University of Greenwich.

As part of his BSc(Hons) Computer science degree research project(dissertation), Taha created a highly infectious malware(Trojan)

He also holds programming certification in object oriented language OOP (Python) and Rapid application development RAD language Visual Basic. He also holds Microsoft Certified Professional in windows server 2012/2016 administration

Taha has recently developed a deep passion to specialise in network engineering and network automation. He has put significant effort into obtaining further certifications in this field. He is enrolled in a Network Engineering traineeship with ITcareer switch. He is currently is in the process of obtaining Cisco Certified Network Professional CCNP and Cisco DevNet Associate, Cisco’s network developer certification. With the intention to join network engineering and network automation field to learn and contribute. Taha has significant personal interest in network engineering and network automation beyond working hours.

In recent weeks Taha has amazed and astonished the compTIA organisation and the rest of IT community.

When he participated and passed three prominent IT industry standard certification exams in less than 72 hours: CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Server+ these exams where passed in consecutive days Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with an average of 95% score.

There has received significant praise from the IT community for this achievement. Taha has passed and achieved all 5 certifications(see below) in less than 72 hours.


Taha has recently been congratulated by the Director Of CompTIA EMEA for the “amazing achievement in such short window”

Taha has been invited to the CompTIA EMEA Member and Partner Conference 2022 with the opportunity to go on-stage and Speak about his experience.

The Reddit and the rest of social media IT community where amazed with this achievement and poured messages of congratulations and praises.

Taha performed this in a short window in order to validate and update his overall IT infrastructure skills.

In order to stay current and relevant in a fast moving sector. Taha has planned, designed, built a layer 3 spine and leaf data center style home laboratory. This consists of physical Cisco enterprise Routers, switches and several HPE servers. This is a hybrid environment. Which is compromised of Network Function Virtualised (NFV) appliances, physical devices.

Taha automated the provisioning of this entire infrastructure using python programming language with “netmiko” library.

He uses virtualised lab environments such as Cisco Modelling Labs (CML) and Eve-Ng to perform research, learn, and test different network technologies and topologies.

Taha is a candidate for The Cisco IT Blog Awards 2021.

What People Say

CONGRATULATIONS!! That is such an amazing achievement. You are certainly dedicated and worked extremely hard to take and pass the exams in such a short window.

CompTIA EMEA Director

wow wow wow

Truly amazing and well done ! very impressive . I wish you all the success and keep your passion alive

-Staff @ITcareerswitch.co.uk

That is fantastic news!!! Well done 😊

Staff @ITcareerswitch.co.uk

Congratulations on your achievement!

You can do IT. We’ve got your back.


WOOOW!! Congratulations

-Community Manager @ Examsdigest.com