Network Automation: Declarative vs Imperative

In the world of software programming phraseology imperative and declarative are two variations of programming techniques. Not specific to object oriented programming, however it’s often associated very closely to object modelling. Declarative Programming Fundamentally declarative programming is when you describe or declare a method or function to perform a specific task without giving the function … More Network Automation: Declarative vs Imperative

IOS: Automate Through Serial Console Port!

Are You Studying for CCNA/CCNP Certification & Using A Physical Lab? Automate On-Boarding Cisco Legacy IOS Devices Before I begin this write-up on this python code. I would like provide you with brief background regarding the out-of-box on-boarding process for modern IOS devices. With iOS-XE/XR and NX-OS, they have on-box python shell. This allows you … More IOS: Automate Through Serial Console Port!